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Thursday, October 4, 2007

American University Radio's "State of DC Comedy"

This is what DCC4N is all about. Recently, WAMU radio did a piece on the state of stand-up comedy in Washington D.C. Their conclusion? Well, if you are a regular to this site you already know DC Comedy is strugglin', but otherwise it was pretty insightful for those not familiar with the scene already.

Plus, they interviewed our boys John McBride and Jay Hastings, where they talk about what it is like to be a comic in the city and highlighted some local shows like The Bomb Shelter.

Allyson Jaffe also speaks about the DC Improv and what big headliners come through the club..........but, like the reporter said in the piece there is not alot of headlining time given to local comics. Hopefully, after shows like the Comcast Showcase more local comedians will be given the opportunity to run their own shows.

Also, the "Professor of Comedy", gives his take on what the "essence of stand-up is all about."

Even so, this is good stuff. Give it a listen.

Bonus: Jay tells about his sordid beginnings in comedy. Hint: He drank alot.

WAMU 88.5 Segment on the State of DC Comedy

alt. link. The piece starts halfway through the podcast.click here