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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Monday Mourning

The “Christopher Walken Impression” passed away at an open-mic on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand early Saturday morning. The "Walken", which insiders say reached its peak in popularity last month when it was used as an interrogation method at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba-- had recently been reported to be very tired and over-all just run down from being exhaustively used by the better part of the Western World.

The “Walken Impression” was born around 1993-1994 on the late night sketch show, Saturday Night Live during “The Christopher Walken” skit created by comedian Jay Mohr. It was adored for its originality and the overall accuracy at which Mohr was able to execute it. But most say that it was the timing of this impression that really contributed to its popularity because it came along just as Christopher Walken, the human actor, was starting to gain popularity in mainstream American film. Some critics too, point that it's conception came at a time when American comedy needed something to take the torch from the “Jack Nicholson” impersonation. And while the “Nicholson” (even the “Cosby”) is still done today, it is used more in the same vein as a card trick or in lieu of a balloon animal, and is never taken or even passed off as “original” comedic material.

The “Walken” suffered the worst fate of all impressions as it came along during the advent of the Internet and World Wide Web. The dawn of the Information Age put the “Walken” in very high demand; and some would say, overworked at a very early age. It was clear that the “Walken” was starting to veer off in the wrong direction when it started showing up at bars and nightclubs on a regular basis with “Chuck Norris Facts”. It was during this “Hey-Day” that the “Walken” never fully regained its footing. As it took to the nightlife, the “Walken” crossed into the dark side, prostituting itself to anyone with two lips and a working larynx.

Early Saturday morning, the Impression found its way into the outskirts of Bangkok in an area that is known to support the fledgling Thai stand-up comedy community. A comedian only known as “Ratsami” took the stage a little after midnight. Four minutes into his set, Ratsami went to the “Walken” which he had never tested except for one time with his mother. Witnesses say the Impression “wasn’t bad” but it was the fact that the majority of the audience mistook it to be a “dying dog” that ultimately took the “Walken” to its demise.

Now, just a few months after it arrived in Thailand, it is dead at the age of 15 or 16. The “Walken” leaves behind a “Joan Rivers” Impression, and two small “Robert Dineros”. Funeral services will be held on Monday by a dead-on “Ross Perot”.

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