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Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank-you Aparna and Hampton

Again, Aparna Nancherla and Hampton Yount thanks for putting on "Sideshow" this past Friday and Saturday night at the Playbill Cafe on 14th street. The Playbill Cafe is a cool little venue that I would really like to utilize more for future shows. The show I was apart of, featured: Eli Sairs, Evan Valentine, Jake Young while being bookend and peppered by Aparna and Hampton. I was not there for the following night that featured the improv performances of a few of my Washington Improv Theater Colleagues: Patrick Gantz, Greg Pokusa, Dan Hodapp (currently in NYC), Justin Purvis, Mark Pagan, Karin Hammerberg, Jenny Huftalen, and Honora Talbott (NYC). However, my best conjecture would be that Saturday's performance, while competent, was forced, overwraught, and practically turned itself into a factory for dick and fart jokes.

But Friday night! Oh, what a glorious night! Eli Sairs cured a couple different kinds of cancer with his opening joke. Evan Valentine brought the roof of the house literally down, continued to make everyone laugh as he patched the roof and audience heads. Then Jake Young's set invented a new kind of human response that meets most of the definition of a laugh but is saved for when someone laughs and also experiences a spirtual transformation. And in between Aparna's and Hampton's sets as well as their MC duties, they orphaned 16 children (that's not necessarily good, but still, amazing).

Ok, ok, ok, Michael Jackson didn't come over to my house...he's about to.

And what I am really trying to say, is that over the course of both shows, it was really good for the DC Comedy community. It was a great supportive atmosphere. I feel lucky to have my feet dipped in both the improv and stand-up community. Right now, both are filled with talented artists who help each other. And it was a reminder that you can do none of this (Comedy) alone.

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i <3 gilmore girls said...

whoa there, while there was a multitude of fart and dick jokes at the improv show. i would not say it was a factory for said jokes. we don't have union cards, so don't try to get us into trouble here.

Mikael J said...

I did say, "practically" a factory for dick and fart jokes. That implies that while you fell short of factory standards, it was a budding "Mom and Pop" shop enterprise that had started to franchise itself on the momentum of their dick and fart jokes; and in the horizon of its venture, a merger with a larger dick and fart conglomerate would have soon been established.

Ham said...

Aparna is the one to thank! I just performed. She bankrolled the event(with bags that had dollar bill signs on them), assembled the troops(and then supported them. God Bless 'Merica), and had all the stress of two grown adults. So seriously, how about next time you fact check instead of fat check. . . your bellies.