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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'ma post here sometimes, too

Hi, this is Eli. I'ma do some posts here now! Me n' Mikkchkkael Johnson are gonna save comedy.

All 8 comics reading this, I’m sure you are just gushing with questions! Click to have questions answered.

To cover any questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:


Here they are:

Hows come?

I like the DC Comedy scene and the DC comedians therein.

No, hows come the blog exists?

Cause it gives us something to read related to stuff we do. If I knitted (still) I would love to have a site to read and feel involved with knitting but without actually knitting. Why any different for comedy? And it gives some vague sense of community and support and blah blah blah.

What's your contribution gonna be?

I will sometimes post blogs that are stand up related and silly, but maybe only funny to myself. But since I have another blog I gotta do, it won't be TOO prolific. Interviews and info about shows n stuff, too.

Can I send a guest blog?

YES. Get crackin'.

Can my name be a link on the side?

there are lotsa talented folks not linked here, all of which would make the list too long, and all of which should not feel a link on this blog is a crucial career step.

This is not really even an issue, I just need questions, since I in fact am not frequently asked any.

Can I post anonomously?

My smugness is too high off the charts to be torn down by your comments. But no, grow some nuts.

I ain't readin this junk. I don't like that it exists.

I don't like that Hugh Grant exists. So I don't watch his movies. Or read his DC comedy blog.

What's your problem? What's your problem? Whats your problem?

Now that's a frequently asked question!

I hate you. Do you really find that kinda thing funny?

Yes. See Hugh Grant analogy.

But for real, I chose to help Mikael because I have a love for this scene, this scene specifically, a unique and one-of-a-kind scene I have a deep care for. Let's do this, Boston!


Lafayette Wright said...

Hey I'd like to help save comedy too. Do you guys accept black people?

Mike Eltringham said...

I bet they don't. Mikael Johnson....more like MiKKKael Johnson!

Ty said...

You guys are silly.

Mikael J said...

I would expect to accept black people except when to accept would be to expect to accept no other.