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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Anne Frank Comedians

There are certain comics you are not allowed to like (I’m sure you know who). However, I think most people enjoy at least one of them or so, and listen to/watch them in secret.

Once a DC comedian friend told me he liked Jeff Foxworthy. I am a good friend, so I will not reveal who, but his name rhymes with Tyler Sonnichson.

There, now Tyler has to get the comments ball rolling.

Here are my guilty pleasures in the world of comedy. Before doing this - here are some of my favorite comedians, to make it clear I have good and esoteric tastes: Bill Burr, Eugene Mirman, Daniel Tosh, Bill Hicks, The Pixies, Taxi Driver.

1. Gilbert Gottfried kinda makes me chuckle.

2. Ron White – Because of his “Blue Collar” association, some write him off. Don’t though, how bout.

3. Andrew Dice Clay – Only when he does the silly caricature cartoony mannerisms, like lightin’ the cig and bein’ ridiculous, etc….not so much when he tries to structure jokes…

4. I love Jerry Lewis. Martin and Lewis had some great live improved shiz. He is like Daffy Duck as a human.

5. The movie “Good Burger”

6. Early Gallagher – His young, abstract and alternative years (smashing Pro-Choice buttons and Foreign Aid Packages, with “Capitalism” written on the hammer)

There, I did it, so list a couple you secretly listen to in an attic when no one else is listening. We’ll call them “Anne Frank Comedians.” (on account of the attic/secretness connection- refrain from holocaust jokes.....we don't wanna be too holocaustic...)

If you do not comment, then you are a hack comedian, and if nobody comments I will have to make up Google accounts and fake comments so it looks like people care about this site. Don’t make me demean myself.


jake said...

As a wee child, I was up very very late on a Saturday night (3am... 4am?) That is when I saw the comedic stylings of a shrilly voiced, flame haired impresario who told jokes with objects, not words. He was a revelation, a revolution, and I laughed harder than I had ever laughed in my entire life.

His name was Carrot Top.
His name was Carrot Top.
Fuck You All.

Michael said...

I like Andrew Dice Clay unironically. The character was a bizarre conceit of mixing the beloved Fonzi character from happy days with racism and misogyny but the bold gambit paid off in spades.

Also I sort of like Dane Cook (prior to vicious circle) he's got some good jokes.

And I think Louis CK is pretty good too. Maybe that doesn't make me queen bee at the dancing prom, but I'm my own man.

Lafayette Wright said...
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Seaton Smith said...

1. Fucking Godfrey is funny. His Dirty Jokes album is great. And fuck you for not liking him.

2. Wait a minute, Ron White is not a hack. No one should be ashamed of liking him. I don't even mean that as a joke. The Blue Collar comedy tour is gimicky but he's respected in every comedy circle. And he's cool as fuck.

3. Dane is funny. Fuck you haters. Before he stretched himself too thin and started stealing.

4. Carrot Top, I saw him give one of the best four minute sets on Leno I've seen. It was great.

5. Wait Jerry Lewis is a hack? What kind of bitch ass blog is this? He's influenced every comedy film after him. What's wrong with you people?

6. Kathy Griffin, this is real. I am/was ashamed of this one. But she can tell a story.

7. Joan Rivers. OMG she's a beast of a comic!

8. Kramer, before he did standup he was doing a lot of physical comedy like Dick VanDyke before he did his show. (I'm joking)

Mikael J said...

I like Jeff Foxworthy. I like Gilbert Godfrey. I think Dane Cook has some good stuff when he was younger. I think Kathy Griffith is funny. I agree with Eli about some early Gallagher. I think Larry the Cable Guy is/was funny, especially when he was calling into 98 Rock about 10 years ago--he can write. I liked Carrot Top too.

DCComedy4Now said...

I've gotten shit for saying I like Gilbert, Ron White and Jerry Lewis. 'Ats why I'm sayin they're good. They're not hacks.

You're right Dane wasn't that bad before he discovered he could be lazy as hell and people would still cheer.

Rivers is good? It's easy to hate on her, but I haven't actually listened to much of her stand up. Now I will. Tellin' ya, this blog is clearly brilliant and mind-opening.

Ty said...

What's wrong with Dane Cook? I mean, his hygiene is pretty bad, and he obviously doesn't care about being "sociable" or "likable" offstage, but he...

oh wait, that's Eli Sairs.


Great performance in "Good Luck Chuck" by the way, Eli.

Ty said...

Seriously, though, (thanks for making me feel special), no one gets famous if they aren't at least somewhat funny. Foxworthy, Ron White, Gallagher, Dane Cook, even Carrot Top went through a lot of the same crap, and had to work to become funnier. Once they hit the big time, they didn't have to work as hard so they watered themselves down to please an ever broader audience (except for White, generally).

Even at their most prime-time ready, some have stuff you can't deny is funny. Foxworthy's "If you've ever been too drunk to fish" redneck joke still kills me. Okay, a lot of his redneck jokes I still like.

Ham said...


Aparna said...

Family Circus. Garfield. Apartment 3G.

I've said too much!