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Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Open Mic @ Mad Hatter

From Host Ben Long: Mad Hatter Comedy Open Mic will be Wednesday, November 8th, 9-11pm, and every Wednesday thereafter. Doing well will matter as winning comics, as determined by who gets the most votes (so bring your friends to vote for you), will get 25 and 50 dollars for 2nd and 1st. Comics can sign up starting as early as 5:30 with me, Ben, as I will be bartending from then until close and hosting the show. The Mad Hatter is on 19th and M in midtown near Dupont Circle.
Contact Ben Long at benlong10@yahoo.com for info if need be.

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Monday, October 20, 2008


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We Are Alive!

Get out tonight to Chief Ike's! Now with less Bukkake! Sign-up 7:30! Show starts...

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stylings of Jake Young

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stand-Up for Diversity

Only the first 100 comics who arrive will be seen so early attendance is strongly recommended. Comics will have one minute at the initial audition. A handful will be invited back later that day to perform a longer set and the top comics will be selected to perform in the showcase the following
evening. This is not a show that will air on NBC, but rather an opportunity to be showcased for agents, casting directors, and television executives in consideration for future casting and development
This open call is for diverse comics who are serious about being funny. You must have five minutes
of polished material.

For more info, check outwww.DiverseCityNBC.com or www.StandUpNBC.com

Past finalists have:
Signed Talent Holding Deals with NBC
Received a trip to Los Angeles to showcase for agents, managers, and casting directors
Performed at the NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) Convention
Performed for talent executives from “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and the creative team
behind “Last Comic Standing.”
And much more...

Sunday, October 12 at 10 a.m.
36 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

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Oh How Novel

The great originator of this blog Nick Turner said to me words that I'll never forget. I had just started doing stand-up again--a little more half-ass than before; and I had just come off stage from killing the momentum of the show and really had made it awkward for the next guy to go up when Nick took me by the shoulder and walked me over to the corner of Chief Ike's, got down to my eye level, put both hands on my shoulders, looked me dead in the eye and said, "Fuck man, I really need some weed".Which to me, meant that Nick needed content. He needed content for his metaphysical being, his blogself if you will.This blog really needs some weed right now.

And I will be the first one to admit, that I have have not been paying my dealer who will now not front me any dope. All my friends are out because I have just been smoking theirs while just saving mine to get high school girls stoned in Safeway parking lots.As an artist and as a person one of my biggest problems is novelty. It has been this way for me for as long as I can remember. Many, many of life’s endeavors have just gone unfinished because once the euphoric quality of a task as dissipated so has my interest in following through with it.

I always started off the school year like a terror, off that fresh feeling of “This year is going to be different”. If the school year would have been 5 weeks long I would have been number 1 in my class. Around the 6th week, school was able to hold my attention about as well as a "Reba" marathon on Lifetime. But the last few weeks of the semester especially when I was in borderline country such as a few points away from puling a "C" to a "B" or a "B" to an "A" or whatever the case may have been, school had a new sort of vigor to it and once again I would be engaged--my situation would again have certain novelty to it. Living your life in order NOT to get your ass kicked by your parents certainly keeps things interesting.

It could be said that it is just putting things off to the last minute, that I am lazy; and that is true. I have a reputation with my friends and family for being late to things. It is something that I am trying to improve upon at the moment. But let me ask you this: what is more exciting, getting somewhere early and waiting for everything to start? Or discovering that your Volkswagen Golf can go zero to sixty just under 7 seconds?

Sports and the school year always started off the same way…I would always start off hot but then cool. I was very streaky, especially as a batter in baseball. I always had to “feel” something, I had to be riding high or I was just flat. I was a pitcher in high school and in college, I always loved going in relief or closing a game much better than I liked starting a game. And for the most part I was a starter, but the part about starting that sucked was waiting around for the game to start. And sometimes that would start about two days before the first pitch. I never understood why I had to be there so early. The game would start at 1 and my coach would want everyone there like at 10 O'clock. As I got older, I learned that I could sneak off for a little bit during home games to a pizza place up the street, where I would spend about 45 minutes playing "Gallaga".

The need for novelty has permeated into every aspect of my personality. I don't think I really ever had much of a relationship with a woman until I recognized this fact about myself. But then later, I would just use it as a crutch as I waxed pathetically, "Yeah, but I'm just so complicated...I just have this need for novelty, its really complex and difficult to explain", as I would turn into the entire cast of "The View". I dated a Czech girl for a while, who’s accent and overall view of culture certainly had a novel appeal to it and I think that is the draw for many at first with an “exotic” relationship. But then after while I realized that she is human like anyone else--as much as I wanted her to be a member of the ne0-faction Millennia Unit of the Post-Eastern Block Gestapo assigned to me as part of a reconnaissance assignment that would end one night as she would slice my throat in my sleep, kiss me “Good-bye” (with tongue) and Parkour out the bedroom window into a waiting limousine.

This need for novelty has been to me in my work-life has been about has hampering as one of Nomar Garciapara’s hamstrings. Jobs I have held in my life: more than 30? Since I was 15, I have averaged about 2 jobs per year. I was only fired once? Twice, maybe...has to have been at least 3 times. But most of the time I just got bored and even when I would stay with a job, I made sure everyone knew I was bored. I think over the years, my grandmother has died twenty-two hundred times, a handful more than my grandfather, and while I have yet to father a child, the kids I have had, have had to be picked up from school for everything from the sniffles to cholera. “Yeah, my son has dysentery...yeah, well hey, I thought the Ganges would be cleaner than Ocean City”. I never could sit still. I always had to be somewhere else, doing something “cooler”.It took me a long time to figure out, to do the really cool stuff, you have to do a lot of boring worthless shit--well not all worthless, feels like it though. One of my favorite jobs I ever had was when I was 18--I delivered sausages, "Spicy Chorizo". I drove a refrigerator truck from my hometown up in Maryland, all around the beltway, stopping at Shoppers Food Warehouses and little bodegas all along the way. I would go down as far as Dale City and Burke city Virginia. That job had constant novelty. I was once flagged down by a pregnant hooker, who I thought at first must have been going into labor. As soon as I pulled over not even coming to a complete stop, from the look I was getting I realized that she wasn't going into labor, which was the quickest, weirdest, saddest session I had ever had of putting "two and two together".

So, I guess what I am trying to convey is...I've hit a rut with this blog. I am doing a disservice to its originators Nick and Jason who deserve more than what I have been giving it. I wanted and I still do, to be a resource tool for networking and discussion in the comic community here in DC and Baltimore too. I think I hit a downturn a bit, the novelty had worn off and the work of it all started to bring me down a bit. But it is something that I am trying to shrug off, that’s what life is about, most of it, if not all of it, is--not everything is always new and refreshing. So, really, I guess what I should say here is, “Shut the fuck up Mike, and just do the work”.

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