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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DC? Comedy Fest

Well there have been some rumblings in the community regarding the upcoming DC Comedy Festival during the weekend of August 7, 8, and 9th. There has been concern that there is a significant lack of comedians from the DC area in the festival and those that are in the fest, have been promoted as an after-thought. For example, some artists in the area have raised an eye-brow to the fact the "District of Comedy Show" is getting a 8pm Thursday slot and a 10:30 pm Saturday slot that is right in the middle of the DC Comedy Fest wrap party. Improv wise, the DC Comedy Fest is competing with the Del Close Marathon in New York which is 24-hour a day improv festival that attracts improvised acts from all over the world. I think what many people are wondering is if the DC Comedy Fest is a festival for comedy that is being hosted in DC or is it a festival that's first priority is to showcase the talent inside the District? It might be pertinent as a comedic community to ponder. In the end though, it’s the organizer's prerogative. Get your own festival! Anyway, The following was a letter that was sent to dccomedy4now.com this morning that expressed those concerns to the chair of the DC Comedy Festival (Seaton Smith is mentioned in the letter as being excluded but recently has been added to the lineup at Velvet Lounge after his triumphant return last week from the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal)

Dear Ms. Postman,I have been looking forward to this year's DC Comedy Fest all summer. Last week I treated myself to an "Uber-Pass" so that I could enjoy as many shows as I could squeeze into the weekend. Yesterday, I started to comb through the schedule, trying to figure out which shows I would try to attend and I was completely startled to see an almost complete lack of any DC comics on the line-up of any shows. I have been a DC resident for more than 12 years and I am a dedicated fan of stand-up. I believe that there is something special about these local artists who work so hard and have so much talent, who toil at small shows and open-mic nights, sharpening their skills, performing with all their hearts for small audiences and no money. I am so proud of the comedians that I have been lucky enough to see perform in DC and I was so excited to see my favorite DC comics perform at the DC Comedy Fest. Unfortunately, there appears to be only two performances of local comics ("District of Comedy") on the schedule for the entire festival, and, tragically, in those two meager shows, there are no more than seven of DC's many talented comedians scheduled to perform! This is really quite a disappointment. I cannot imagine why some of my most favorite and some of the most talented comedians I've seen perform in Washington, DC are not on schedule at the DC Comedy Fest. I think it is outrageous that many of DC's finest comedians, like Nick Turner, Jake Young, Seaton Smith and dozens of others have been excluded from the festival. What is point of the DC Comedy Fest if not to spotlight all of the amazing local comic talent that working and living in DC? I hope you will consider supporting the dedicated and passionate comic artists in Washington, DC as the host and organizer of the DC Comedy Fest. I have been so fortunate to find these artists and enjoy their work, and I hoped that events like the DC Comedy Fest would illuminate our the citizens of our Washington, DC about the wonderful comedy scene happening all over the city, all year long. I hope that the DC Comedy Fest will use its power and influence to support local comedians and give their talents the attentions they so sincerely deserve.

M. Bergnes

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Come See Live Humans (As a Result from Looking at Dead Blog)


The open mic is at Solly's Tavern again on Tuesday, with featured artist THE FAMILY HEMERLEIN (www.myspace.com/matthewjordantardinohemerlein).
And the following Tuesday (Aug. 5) it's at the Electric Maid in Takoma Park (268 Carroll Ave.), with featured artist AMERICAN SINNER (www.myspace.com/americansinner). Remember if you're coming out: they can't sell beer there, but you can bring it on in.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Comedy Nerds

Folks, if you don't listen to podcasts yet, it's high time that you start. A couple of comedians in New York (Dustin D'Addato and Dan McInerney) have started a podcast about the art of comedy from top to bottom called The Comedy Nerds. Some topics covered so far are heckling, smart comedy vs. dumb comedy, and the legacy of Del Close.

Also, yours truly (Assface Turner) was misquoted in the latest episode! If you're wondering my quote was actually "comedians are all walking a tightrope, trying to balance incredibly high egos with staggeringly low self esteem."

Anywho, if you want to listen to people talk exactly about what you do, check this shit out. And of course it's available on iTunes as well.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dear PJ from Bill Burr

The follwing was kindly share to us from DC stand-up Pete Juratovic:

Comedy Career Advice from one of the Great Ones....
Below is an email response from Bill Burr about comedy career advice. This email is from two years ago when I lived in Charlotte, NC and I was deciding on which city to move to for work. My moving options where Philadelphia, San Francisco or Washington, DC. At the time I was hosting/MC'ng about every other weekend for comedy clubs in the south. A lot of the headliners would do the same hour act for years. Some confessed that they haven't changed their act for more then 10 years. There main reason was because they weren't making it on TV, so they didn't see any point in working on new material. For someone new to comedy this made me very weary about comedy.
I wanted a point of view from someone who went from the open mic scene to becoming one of the most popular working comedians today.
Anywho, I know a lot of you won't find this advice helpful, but I thought I would share his opinion anyways.

I would definitely go to DC. Just bust your ass for a year and a half/ two years, and really get your time up. Then comes the NY/LA question. That's the biggest decision you have to make. When the time comes, will you go to NY or LA. As far as my experience goes, there isn't a right or wrong choice. It's up to each individual. Check out both cities and pick the one that feels right. I've always loved NY and the stage time is great. But I'm at a point in my career where I'm now looking to spend more time in LA cause I want to do TV and movies. Anyway, I think it's obvious you don't want to be that comic who hates his act. That's the quickest way to becoming bitter and being the stereotypical washed up comic with the old jokes. Don't ever be that guy. Once you get branded with that you are finished. Good luck with your comedy.


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Big Takeover Continues...!

TONIGHT (and every Tuesday Night this summer), Tyler Sonnichsen pumps a high quality radio show across the web with his ragtag team of other DC comics, including but not limited to Herbie Gill, Jake Young, Anupama Pillalamarri, Will Hessler, Damone (formerly known as Tim) Miller, and others. "The Big Takeover" features the best, most eclectic variety of music, talk, and ridiculous call-in segments (featuring even more comics).

Now, after dragging their feet on it for forever, Tyler and Jake have finally entered the year 2005 and have officially launched THE BIG TAKEOVER PODCAST. Mp3s of most every episode, along with complete playlists, are available on Tyler's website, but this way you can embed each episode in your iTunes and make sure not to miss out on one.

iTunes may soon pick up The Big Takeover podcast into their store, but for now, here's how to get it:

Go to iTunes.

Go to Advanced...

Hit up "Subscribe to Podcast"

and enter this in the field:


See how easy that was? Now you've got The Big Takeover all up in your iTunes and iPod and everything is iWonderful.

For now, listen to The Big Takeover tonight at 10pm on WGTB Georgetown Radio.

Catch the livestream here.

IM the crew here:
wgtb requests

Any questions? shows@tdcpresents.com

Thanks for listenin'.

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It's Alive!...barely

Well, I've been away for a week in Cleveland, Ohio which has left the sky-rise offices of dccomedy4now.com somewhat empty for the past seven days. But please bear with us as we say goodbye to some beloved staff, wait for others to come back from what appears to be a hyper-extended lunch and try to poach talent from other competitors.

This recent gig fell into my lap last month and will be reoccurring once a month until October--which is good. However, it doesn't quite pay enough for laptop, and especially a Macbook Pro, which what I really want. I know, I know, go to the Apple Store and look at one that has been refurbished. I will. So, when I leave town, I will be at the mercy of time itself and whatever the hotel has to offer in the way of a business center.

But with that being said, we are back, I hope to get caught up again with show dates, commentary, and whatever. My apologies go out to Eric Mosberg who needed some pub for his show and as Ice-whatever might have said, "We wern't able to show him no love" and by golly, that isn't what dccomedy4now.com stands for! And the folks at 1st Amendment Productions, apologies as well are being sent your way. So please keep sending in your show information and as well any other stories that you would like to see in electronical print. Yeah! If you have something coherent, even just slightly insightful, interesting, or funny, we'll print it. Think of us as a fledgling strip club on the outskirts of Paw-Paw, West Virginia, we'll take any tattered and road beaten chic we can get, as long as we can make out two nipples and anything else that could pass for a female undercarriage.

*Josh Delawder, all-time high-school leading scorer in West Virginia history.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The Line Up for Tonight: Erin Jackson, Jon Mumma, Jay Hastings, Adrian Rodney, Lisa Fineand hosted by: Assface (Nick) Turner, 9:00 Free

Start Time: Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 9:00pmEnd Time:Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 10:30amLocation:Solly's TavernStreet:11th & U sts.City/Town:Washington, DC (Some guests are coming back into town to say hello...)Hey Guys sitting on the fence about going tonight? Well...Not too often do you hear women begging to be “comedically swooned”, but the girls from a few weeks ago that dropped in on Chief Ike’s are going to be back tonight for the show at Solly’s Tavern. This note was signed, sealed and electronically delivered to dccomedy4now this afternoon (Oh, and for you women sitting on the fence...eh, this is for you too):

“Hey All,

It’s ‘Amanda’ again from Scores and the Gene Simmon’s and Bret Michael’s “Poison Tongue” tour bus. I thought I’d take a break from cleaning dirty diapers (mainly Gene’s) and check in with you guys as we are going to be back in town tonight! And we thought we would come by and check out yer’alls show again. There might be close to 30 of us, hope that’s alright. As always, we are just dying to watch, listen, and talk comedy all night long--while getting completely ripped!
We really enjoyed Chief Ike’s the last time around, everyone was soooo smart and funny, it was really inspiring and so great to be around guys that not only watched porn but actually knew something about it too! So many of you were genuinely knowledgeable of the actresses, directors, unique plot devices, technical challenges etc...
Oh guess what?! A few of us are going to give a shot at an open-mic, we’ve started to jot down ideas on our bare breasts when they cum to us. Who would of thought, cleavage makes the best place for a pen!? But anyway, what we really want to do is to come to Solly’s tonight, to not only laugh, but to think—we really want to be challenged.

Of course, we also want to get totally wasted, pour beer on each other and see where the night takes us! But we do have to be in good shape tomorrow as some of us are coming back to turn in reports we did for the Brookings Institute Think Tank as well we need our reflexes sharp as we will spend the rest of the day—gaming at Dave and Busters!
Well, gotta get back to “stress relief”,
Tugs and Kisses

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Trade Finally Completed: Montreal Expos for Seaton Smith

Seaton Smith traded to "2008 Just for Laughs Comedy Festival" in Montreal, Canada--negotiated deal to bring Montreal Expos to Washington DC officially done.

In what people are calling the comedic equivalent of the Baltimore Colts moving to Indianapolis under the cover of darkness, the final piece was set into place just hours ago as Seaton Smith was taken from his apartment in Adams Morgan and traded to the prestigious 2008 “Just for Laughs Festival”.
Though surprised by the move and sworn to secrecy until he arrived in Montreal, Smith was visibly pleased as he left his one-bedroom place, as witnessed by neighbor Nicholas Turner,

“He was dancing in the hallway, dancing I tell you! Dancing! I asked him what is the matter with you? But he wouldn’t answer! He wouldn’t answer! He just kept dancing! And giggling! Oh the giggling!...I can still hear the giggling!”. (Turner then became very animated and incoherent as he walked out of the building).

Smith will be performing three sets up at the ‘Just for Laughs Festival’ and will also have to two speaking engagements with bereaved Expos fans at one of Montreal’s public libraries in the early afternoons. His first speech, "You Know...Just Fuck It", a comment on loss, modern sport and business will be Wednesday at 1pm (English) and Thursday at 1 pm (French).

Dccomedy4now congratulates Seaton on his current success via all his hard-work and dedication. Well done, sir.
Readers can receive more information on the festival here, about Seaton Smith via his dccomedy4now interview, and as well on his website.
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Monday Mourning

Who Was to Know Anyway?
Improviser’s Game Scene Foreshadows Own Death

(Omaha, Nebraska)--While on a blind date with comedienne Joan Rivers, math teacher Morgan Fetterson, 42, a member of Omaha’s venerable improv group, "The Aww-Shucksters" was fatally impaled Wednesday night at the Scoop &Lick ice-cream shop by an unidentified Japanese ninja.

What has local citizens spooked however is the fact that Fetterson closed out the "Shuckster's" show the previous Saturday in a scene where he was sliced through the gut by a Japanese ninja while on a blind date with Joan Rivers that took place in an ice cream parlor.

“I’ve never been a part of an investigation that was as unfortunate as it was mad-capped”, said Detective Mike Richardson.

During the show’s finale Fetterson initiated the improv game "Blind-Line", where the actor chose a folded piece paper among many on the floor that had written suggestions from the audience to inspire the next scene.

"Blind date with Joan Rivers", Fetterson reportedly read aloud, whereby he then asked the audience for a quick "non-geographical location" to start the scene. "Ice cream parlor" was shouted from the inebriated audience inside "The Nut Hut Bar and Grill".

"I remember 'Fetty' was excited because it was the first suggestion we got all night that was an actual idea and not an accusation concerning his sexual orientation" laments longtime Shuckster, Betsy Simmons, 48, a Royal Farm’s shift supervisor.

Authorities’ first suspect was the assailant in the improvised scene Randy Baker, 18, of Omaha. Baker, affectionately known as “Random” by his cast mates, “sliced” Fetterson through the gut eerily in the same manner that he was skewered by the actual ninja just days later. Just as he did in the ice-cream shop, Fetterson gripped his stomach and fell to the floor, gasping the words, “You f**ker”. Fetterson and Baker had to be separated following the show after Fetterson lunged at Baker with a foam tube.

Detectives have ruled out Baker as a possible suspect because of his alibi and also that witnesses reported the real Ninja as stealthily quiet during his brief time in the store. Baker is known locally as someone who cannot make any sort of physical motion without it being accompanied by some sort of "swooshing sound".

Furthermore, “Nut Hut” customers say Fetterson and Baker reconciled in the parking lot and had a discussion, which lasted past closing, breaking down what exactly happened, what could have happened, what sometimes happens, and what they had seen happen in other comedy inside and outside of Omaha.

Comedienne Rivers, area real-estate investor, was set up to go out with Fetterson by a mutual friend. Rivers who is not talking to the media about the incident did say to the police that she had stepped out to "apply skin patches" and thus missed Fetterson's murder altogether.

A funeral for Fetterson will be held on Friday at the Grace Memorial Cemetery in downtown Omaha. Some of Fetterson's friends and family said they plan on attending but may not be able to make it because they think they might have something planned that Friday--they're not sure.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Home of the Brave, Land of the Free Show

Tonight"Happy Hour" at The Uptown Tavern in Cleveland Park
Hosted by Kyle Martin9pm, Free Featuring: Jay Hastings, Kojo Mante, Aparna Nancherla, John McBride, Jason Weems, Nick Turner, Mike Blejer

TuesdayTop Shelf at Solly's Tavern
Hosted by Nick Turner 9pm, Free Featuring: Erin Jackson, Jon Mumma, Jay Hastings, Adrian Rodney and More, always more

July 24thComcast On Demand Taping at Solly's Tavern
Hosted by Jay Hastings 9pm, Free Featuring: Travis Irvine, Jake Young, Lisa Fine, Mike Way, John McBride, Hampton Yount, Nick Turner, Nora Nolan, Kojo Mante

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Delusions of Spandex Comes to the Nation's Capitol!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Hannah Hessel, one of the artistic directors at the DC JCC, will be producing one of the sketch comedy shows visiting from NYC for the Capital Fringe Festival, "Dorks on the Loose" by the female duo Delusions of Spandex. Come and check it out! Tickets are $15, and showtimes are at


Thursday 7/10 @ 8:00PM,
Friday 7/11 @ 8:30PM,
Saturday 7/12 @ 7:00PM,
Sunday 7/13 @ 4:00PM,
and Saturday 7/19 at 3:00PM & MIDNIGHT.




info on this, and all of the comedy shows at the Capital Fringe is available here.

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A Reminder from Your Friend, Mr. Thrusday:

TONIGHT: Live Stand-Up Comedy at the Old Arlington Grill - ONLY $5...Show starts @ 7pm!! Line up: Will Hessler, Bryson Turner, Damone Miller, Keith Irvin, Rob Maher.
Gee thanks, Mr. Thrusday!!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Note From One of Our Own

Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Stand-up”, filmed at the historic Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC. 3rd season is premiering tonight! Wed. July 9 at 10:00pm ET/PT on Starz Featuring:

Host: *Doug Williams, and 35 up and comers, including Luenell and Rickey Smiley. Preview Here
*It can't be right? Nah...

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Recent Obesession: The Truth, Whether I like It or Not.

I have been watching a lot of Youtube of Patrice O’Neil the last couple of days. I get the feeling that if it were sports you were talking about when you mentioned the name, Patrice O'Neil, he’d be the kind of guy that if he was on your team—you’d love him; and if he was on the other team—you’d hate him. I first remembered seeing him on "Tough Crowd" on Comedy Central and had really ambivalent feelings toward him. I would get so infuriated by him. He would, and still does, bulldoze and steamroll over people just to make his point or to get the last word. I would get so frustrated by him (and the show), that I would be asking myself aloud, "Why am I watching this?". This would go on despite the fact that I found myself agreeing with him most of the time. And sometimes I didn't entirely agree with his exact message but I was becoming a fan of the guy simply because he believed in what he said. There were times then and are now when you are not sure if he is being completely serious but one thing is for sure, he is making you think. He has a concrete filter that does not waver.

O'Neil continued to pop up in some of my favorite stuff, small part in "25th Hour" with Edward Norton and another small role in "Arrested Development" while hosting the show "Web Junk" on VH-1 for awhile (which illustrated this most horrifically named diet plan). He’s really starting to build some momentum and though I don’t listen to Opie and Anthony, I have a feeling that I am missing out on some of his work there. And the more I see him and hear of him, the more not only do I think he’s a great comic—but, I think he’s got a really good intellect about him too. His style is so provoking and sometimes so in your face, you may miss the point or the realization at the thoughtfulness behind it. I don’t believe he believes in all of things he says but none of it is said without a purpose. He always seems to be absolutely in tune with his environment and the moment. Kojo Mante has worked with him and said “the man listens to absolutely everything you say”.

To be as confrontational as he is, he has to be charismatic or relatable. There is a Patrice in every town, in every neighborhood. He is the guy that lives next to you, or works down the block or is always at the bar you go to and he always seems to have the goods on you. He’s the only guy in town, friend or not, that could tease someone about their own visibly cheating girlfriend; using graphic detail and keep everyone, even the recipient of the comedic dress-down, bent-over in laughter--he's like the neighborhood “bad-news” medicine-doctor. It is quality in a person that is as inborn as their height.

O’Neil is a contrarian of most mainstream thought not just because he believes it but I think he is really starting to believe it to be his job. The FOX-News Clip, here, O’Neil is in his own unique way, paraphrasing Voltaire (“I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”).

And what gets me is that the two media buffoons next to him probably know that quote and have quoted it to their friends at a dinner party--but neither would ever have the guts to practice it. As well, if you were to point it out to O’Neil that he was “reminiscent of Voltaire” in that interview, he’d probably describe to you in a very colorful way of how you could remove yourself from his presence.

O’Neil will take a definitive stand and take the garbage that comes with it. How many of us can say that we honestly do that? Voltaire’s principle in that quote, the exercise of defending speech that O’Neil demonstrates are qualities that American’s hold to be so dear that we would and have (apparently) gone to war for it. Yet it feels like we continue to move away from it or have to fight harder to hold on to it.

Shit, start, talking politics…anyway, getting away from what I have enjoyed about watching from O’Neil--the conviction behind the honesty. It does not come along very often. It is definitely a priority to see his work live the next time he is in town.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nice Backhand! You Must Have A Lot of Practice.

by Lisa Fine and Aparna Nancherla

Comedians need compliments. For just 70 compliments a day, you can save a comic's life. We 're so hungry for praise—FEED US. Of course, laughter is the highest form of a head pat/tummy rub for any comic. But there are also the stray comments after a show that can pump us up for days or send us into a spiral of paranoia. Sometimes the only thing worse than getting no compliments after a set, is getting a "compliment".

Let's call them camman-pliments.

Here are some example of these ego face slaps with a (back)handy categorical system to decode the true meaning. We hope you will post some comments with some of your favorite (or most hated) camman-pliments.

Some of our personal thoughts follow in red.

photo courtesy of Flickr and toga

Parliament of Grievances:

Appearance-Related (avoiding completely the substance of your set)

You look taller up there! (Oh, interesting...because you look shorter from up there!)

I saw your set; Did you lose some weight? (Yeah. I had the baby right before I got onstage.)

That was a really funny T-shirt you had on!

Wow, you look good in makeup. Who knew?

You should have your hair like that more often.

You looked confident.

You looked tired up there. (Hmm, oh I see, it's just an insult. There are no layers.)

Hated You, But Maybe I Need a Stronger Word Than Hate

Wow, I didn't realize how many people did standup...

I guess anybody can do it!

That was...greatttt (teeth grit).

Do you watch that show Last Comic Standing? There's a lot of good comics on that show. I loved the guy in the banana costume.

photo courtesy of Flickr and toga

You should use some of Melissa's stories. She has the zaniest stories.

Now that I know you do this, I'll keep an eye out for good jokes that you can do.

You should talk about the time you did that embarrassing thing. Now that was funny.

I'm sure you'll get better and better the longer you do it!

I liked the part where you said the word "sex." You should do that more!

Wait, how long have you been doing this? (Not long enough, huh?)

Sorry, I'm just not a loud laugher! (However, you are a particularly loud groaner.)

That was clever. Not the kind of thing you laugh out loud at per se, but very clever.

Don't quit your day job but also stop doing comedy.

I thought you did pretty good considering...(leaving 'considering' vague)

Your mouth actually looked like it was moving!

This must be great practice for public speaking.

That could really come in handy for your job. The one you still have and are not going to quit, right?

Jim does the best Ahnold Schwarznegar impression. Do it, honey! Do it!!! He should totally do standup, right? (Don't come to me for affirmation. Too soon.)

You should swear more and get all mad. That would be hilarious.

You know what would be really funny? If you did X, Y and Z. (But throw out what you have now)

You Were Weird

Very original.

Your act is very take it or leave it.

photo courtesy of Flickr and toga

You should do a ventriloquist act.

It's hard to do comedy that alienates people, but I liked it!

Very subtle. (Unlike you.)

Good for You, Awwwww

Wow! You are so quiet in real life, but you really got it going on up there.

You look like you were having fun up there!

I'm glad you found something you love.

I liked your little show.

I'm glad you are doing comedy, we need more [fill in the blank]. (Blank could be a) girls, b) Jews, c) Indians, d) short people, or e) all of the above.)

That was cute.

photo courtesy of Flickr and toga

Well...I liked you! (Sean Gabbert has a brilliant joke on this one.)

You should stick with it. I liked the part where you did the voice. (Just that one part?)

You are so quiet. I never knew that you could say things! You said so much stuff! Good for you!

I didn't realize you have so much to say...

You had some good writing in there. (Where? Where?)

You were the only girl! It must be hard to be the only girl.

Wow, you are so brave.

Wow, you didn't look at your notes. Good job!

Wow, how did you memorize all of that?

Diversion Tactics (usually used because person does not feel strongly enough to say anything about your act)

A. Sadistic Inquiries/Feedback

Do you ever get heckled? What is that like? Let's talk about it a lot. See, I didn't heckle you! (Yeah, thanks dude.)

Can I see your notes? (Does it say "don't be too funny" on there?)

Do they pay you anything for these shows?

I didn't heckle you cuz I thought it might mess you up.

You should take a few shots, and then get up there. Loosen you right up!

B. Actually, Let's Not Talk About You

Is that guy as crazy offstage as he was onstage? I mean, that guy was crazy!!!

You were way better than that one guy. P U!

I saw your set. You look like Wendy Liebman. But you didn't have her same style of jokes. Her jokes are really good.

photo courtesy of Flickr and toga

That one guy was great.

Well, I'm glad I finally made it out to see you.

You know who else likes comedy? John. He's always watching standup on TV. I can only watch so much, but he loves it. You should invite him.

I could never do that!

You know who would love something like this?

You shoulda heard Carrie ripping on all the comics. She had me laughing so hard.

Now you gotta come to my salsa dance recital! (As in, a tit for a tat...it's your turn now!)

You should tell more Indian jokes. You know who I love who does a lot of Indian jokes? Russell Peters! He is sooo great.

You know who I really like...

That was fun! We should go out more often (pointing to the friends they went with as if you had nothing to do with their fun night out).

You know who else does comedy? (Yeah...funnier people.)

C. Logistickled Pink

I never knew there was a comedy show here..all this time I had no idea. Did you know Melissa? She didn't know either!

I see why you like comedy; it looks fun.

You must be tired. We are! Gotta run!

photo courtesy of Flickr and toga

You must meet so many funny people. Those other comics must crack you up backstage.

Wow, how do you have time for this, what with work and kids and all?

Looks like a fun way to meet people. (Yes, that's actually why I make fun of myself onstage...to meet people.)
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Every Beard For Himself...Except You Waffle Iron.

Comedy Nonsense Live returns at the Old Arlington Grill (2903 Columbia Pike Arlington, VA 22204), this Thursday, July 10, at 7pm!! Cost is $5. Line up: Will Hessler, Bryson Turner, Damone Miller, Keith Irvin, Rob Maher. After the show please feel free to pose for pictures with a well-read hammock.

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Secret Comic Done at Work


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"The Happy Hour" Line Up

Aparna Nancherla
John McBride
Jason Weems
Jay Hastings
Nick Turner
Kojo Mante
Mike Blejer
Host: Kyle Martin

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(The title of this post does not include caucasion women, ages 15-65, in the Georgetown/Tenleytown and Friendship Heights area). However, for you open-mic whores, pay attention to the following message from Andy Rothwell...

There is now a LIVE HUMANS IN DC open mic every Tuesday off into the future, at either Solly's, the Electric Maid, or the Palace of Wonders - there's a 5th Tuesday this month, and it's not entirely regular where it happens on each Tuesday anyway - so if you ever forget where you're going, look at the schedule is up at www.myspace.com/livehumansindc.
This week it's at the Palace of Wonders (1210 H St., NE), with featured act STRIPMALL BALLADS (www.myspace.com/stripmallballads).
And next week (July 15) it's at the Palace of Wonders again, and featuring ALEX THE RED ROBERT PAREZ (www.myspace.com/alextheredrobert).
The podcast from last week is up in itunes (search "live humans in dc" in the itunes store). Video of JAKE YOUNG from 6/10 at the Palace of Wonders is also posted there. And coming soon to the podcast is video of OLIVIA & THE HOUSEMATES from 6/24 at Solly's, and OBSERVA from last week at the Electric Maid.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Thank-You Cleveland!

This would be in the DC neighborhood of Cleveland Park, accessible by the Red Line on the Metro.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008


“Dude that was so droll!” “I went to the Chris Rock show the other night, it was the drollest show I have ever seen”. “I like Bill Murray but I was a bit surprised that he wasn’t a bit more droller in his latest movie”.

Do you use the word ‘droll’ when describing comedy? I think it’s a red flag if you do. The last two times I have read a review by Celia Wren (Washington Post) concerning Washington Improv Theater, she has used this word and only this word to describe a moment that was funny. Ms. Wren does not have to like improv, she doesn’t have to do anything; Ms. Wren, you could “live, die or grow mushrooms in your crack” (Ed O’Neil, Dutch 1991). I should take heed that it’s a red flag when I want to mock Ms. Wren’s articulate vocabulary and I quote the guy from “Married With Children”. I shouldn’t care. If I am a man that practices what I preach, it should be: do the work, keep your head down, and keep moving forward. It’s probably not the smartest thing to do, which is to call-out the critic from the same paper that brought down Nixon. Especially when it comes to comedy, in the grand scheme of things, I am the tiniest freckle on the smallest pimple of Gallagher's ass.

I just got done watching some clips of “Siskel and Ebert” on Youtube and I am reminded why we all do what we love to do and it’s not for those writing in the newspapers.

Ms. Wren has a job to do and its fun when the critics are tough, it really is. The best times I had playing ball were when we were getting hounded by the other team and their fans.

The Source Festival is charging $17 a ticket for the evening of multiple performances; and the folks that come to the theater deserve to have their time compensated with a quality performance. The job of the critic is to keep the artists honest and to give people an idea of what they will be getting themselves into if they choose to come.

I think I just felt like I had to stick up for my brethren. It’s hard for me not to be mildly irritated when the same said critic implied the other people you were working with were arbitrary; and in the past, insinuated that those who were enjoying the show must have been drunk. I’m sorry did I say drunk, I meant to say, “wassailing”.

Ok, that’s it though, I’m never responding to another critic again.

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Truth, Justice and the American Comedic Way

I tried a little "truth" experiment the other night at Chief Ike's and it went over like a lead-turd wearing ankle weights. Sorry about that. However, in the spirit of the Holiday weekend and this country's fervor for the truth and justice, I'd like to leave you with a thought from the late Richard Jeni talking about the late Bill Hicks,

"You know when you watched him, you'd kind of feel bad...I should be doing more of this kind of thing, I should be telling the truth more often". (If you follow the link its at 1:23)

To Carlin, Hicks, Pryor and all those that have used their voice not only for humor but as an instrument of reason and an execution of freedom--Happy Fourth.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

DC Comedy Looks For a Leader

Dccomedy4now, has made a pledge to find you a leader across this metropolitan comedic landscape! It is an election year and that being so, it is time to take advantage of an easily accessible and relatable premise! And just like most political ideas and promises, we assure you too, that this one is half-baked! That is why dccomedy4now is holding an election for the:
President of the United States of America Comedy.

In order to have your hat thrown into the ring, or for someone to throw your hat into the ring, or even just to be eligible for a hat: You must have been doing some sort of comedy in the DC/Baltimore area for at least 1 year, you must be alive (see Carnahan Clause ), you must have a pulse (see Strom Thurmond Clause) and you can’t have had a joke referring to the Kool-Aide Guy (see Dane Cook Clause). This is open to stand-ups, improvisers, comedic actors, writers, producers, even f-ing street clowns. So send in your nominations!
But, more than likely what will happen, like what happens in this very own country, the people that have the power will do the nominating, control the voting and ultimately declare the winner. So get involved, don’t let that happen! Details are still to come…
But let it be known that on November 1st 2008, hopefully early enough to influence the outcome of the Presidential election, dccomedy4now, will announce the very first

President of the United States of America Comedy

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Tonight A Very Special Solly's Top Shelf

Please come by and support Jason Weems, Kojo Mante, Hampton Yount, Tyler Sonnichson, Mike Blejer and Assface (Nick) Turner tonight at Solly’s Tavern at 1942 11th Street, NW (11th and U) at 9 pm. This is a very, very important show, and its even more important to Solly’s longtime owner William Zabka . Breaking story…

Tonight’s Solly’s Tavern maybe be the most important to date. Less than 24 hours ago, dccomedy4now was informed that Solly’s will soon be foreclosed and more than likely, then be turned into a Wax Museum detailing the long storied history of U Street. An incensed Zabka shouted that “Washington is nothing short of a political power pissing contest”…which dccomedy4now is guessing that, what Zabka was referring to, is that no one seems to care about comedy anymore as long as they can make a quick buck at the expense of a peaceful yet vital part of the community (It should be noted that at this point, Zabka became overwhelmed with emotion and buried his head into longtime business and ex-life partner Martin Kove.

U Street’s Solly’s Tavern was originally built as a ski-lodge by Zabka’s grandfather, Vladimir, back in the late 1800’s. As skiing in the local community decreased because of increased automobile and foot-traffic in the U Street Corridor, Vlad Zabka, then turned the lodge into a Tuesday night comedy showcase. As the years went on he eventually added additional days of business where he included food and drink.

Zabka said they have a shot at saving the showcase tonight, as the bank is coming by to have one final look. He said if Solly’s could even get 30, maybe 40, no, 50, people to come by and watch the show, maybe, just maybe…and then he lost his train of thought, burst into tears, shook his head, and yelled, “That’s cow utter nonsense!”. At which point he took off blinded by his tears, running down the street, where he then slammed into a parked city bus. Kove said, Zabka can be seen at Sibly hospital and is taking visitors.

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Sitting On The Fence?

Please ask, DC comedian, Hampton Yount if he liked the new Disney Pixar movie Wall-E. Please, just ask him. You might get a suggestion as to whether to go or not. We here at dccomedy4now guarantee you that he will be helpful in your decision. Ahhh...stomach acid. Read more!