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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pleasant Tranny Suprise

Last night I went to the "Drag Race" on 17th St. It was awesome cubed. I had such a good time watching the parade of flashy outfits, I spent a month's pay on my costume. I never seen that much glitter. It looked like a glitter factory fucked an imagination and bred sparkles everywhere. The attention to detail was jaw dropping. This one guy had the board game "Life" glued to his head, and it was at least 3 feet tall. I could hear his neck muscles call him an "asshole". But he was committed and unlike a horrible traffic accident, you don't feel bad staring at them. In fact, they LOVE IT! I got my picture taken with so many hot chicks (SCORE!). I got my photo taken with a group of men dressed as southern bible beaters, and they beat my sweet ass with crosses and bibles. I can't wait till Dad sees that. Was that in God's plan, Dad? I don't think so.

I'll write more when I get my photos back from the parade. Read more!

Obligatory Halloween Post

Found this little gem over at the CC Insider. If you're going to go trick or treating, why not find out what candy bars are popular in Armenia? HINT: this video won't tell you...

Read more!

Q and motherfuckin' A w/ Jimmy from "Kid Nation"

This kid's answers in this interview are indicative of just how awesome this whole series is. Is this kid crazy or just a true-blue American? You decide.

Why are some people rich and others poor?

Some people are smart and get jobs that pay a lot of money. Some people are poor because they don't pay their taxes and the government takes all of their stuff.

Is power a good thing?
It is good to have power yourself because you can control people and things.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
I would go on a vacation to Japan so I could see Godzilla.

When you become an adult, what do you think will be the biggest problem facing our nation and/or world?
Alien Attack!

What world leader do you admire?
President Bush.

Please go to this website and read all of the interviews conducted with these retarkids of tomorrow because I swear I lost a whole afternoon just staring at the computer, mouth agape, afraid for my life when I first discovered the powerful intellect on this truly great reality show. Read more!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Comedians of Comedy of Memories Past....

This picture is the what my brain told me I felt like last night...on the inside.

Jason commented on the Comedians of Comedy show that we went to last night. I actually bought Jason’s ticket so it was like a date (Jason didn’t put out). I agree with Jason’s comments, with the exception of the “I think Brian Poshen isn’t funny.” I like his comedy. I think he’s funny. Jason is biased because Jason was raped by a “scary man” when he was little.

Anywho, the point behind my blog is that I felt a familiar feeling at last nights Comedians of Comedy show, and I’m going to blog about it. Yaaayyyy!! While some of your people (a.k.a. readers of this blog) might think DC is a shitty place for comedy, we have all witnessed some great comics get their start here. And that’s what I saw last night: I saw great comics in their element. And that’s what made me so nostalgic; I’ve felt the exact same way at local open mics, showcases, and club shows where I’ve watched my friends and I perform. It’s getting to watch something great. It’s getting to be in the right place, at the right time and be totally amazed at the magic someone creates with the curveballs their thrown (wow, that was an odd metaphor). I’ve been lucky enough to be friends with a lot of great comic, and I’ve seen them all crush (and bomb), and last night just reminded me of that. I don’t know why I felt so nostalgic last night, but it made me start thinking about all the kick ass comedy moments I’ve witness personally and then talked about on a smokey car ride home.

If you don’t value comedy…you should Read more!

YouTube Monday: Day Late Edition

I know everyone who reads this blog finds the strength every Monday morning to get out of bed by looking forward to what awesome YouTube videos I will post for Monday. I failed you yesterday.

But today i have something very special. Our friends at GW's ReceSs has posted their new video, entitled "Bruce Mobile." Not only do I get to see what the inside of a college dorm room looks like again (sob) but "Sweet Caroline" is also the #1 choice for my ring tone. That and "TNT" by AC/DC.

The next video is from one of my favorite nerds. The Angry Nintendo (Videogame) Nerd to be precise (fixes glasses)! He reviews sh*tty videogames with the type of spit fire enthusiasm we encourage here @ DCC4N. In this episode he reviews Friday the 13th for NES and since my name is Jason and it is Halloween this week i thought it was appropriate.

BONUS! Video(via bestweekever.tv):

Read more!

Comedians of Comedy @ The Black Cat (Last Night)

You know what I love about the Comedians of Comedy? There is no smoke and mirrors. There is no in-your-face personas, basking in the glow of their own huge head caked with 2 pounds of hair gel. There are no “catch phrases”. There is no intro music by “Blur”. There are just 4 incredibly funny comics who don’t know how to put on an act. They are incapable of acting too cool for school. They are humble to be in front of you. That is why I can’t help but feel instantly connected to them.

Patton Oswalt is a fantastic jolly little man. I love the way he can instantly make a fool of himself. He made an awkward entrance and immediately called attention to it. “Oh, the little goblin had a problem finding the staircase.” Great!! If the audience can see, then don’t ignore it. It is always more funny to accept the reality of the moment and make it work. That is basically what Patton does all night. He makes it work with what he's got. The guy is super smart. I was in awe of his crowd work, because he is so sharp he can cut anyone up but is still silly enough to never truly offend an audience member. He is just so lovable! I was this close to SQUEEEEZZING him!

I had never really warmed up to Maria Bamford before I went to see the show. I watched the Comedians of Comedy television series and the movie and something never stuck with me. But, I knew there had to be a reason for her to be a part of the tour for so long. I found out as soon as she got on stage. The woman is incredible. She does characters so well that I found myself lost in them. Literally, I was surprised it was the same woman. She has such a quiet & awkward “normal” voice on stage that when she shifts to a character it is quite the surprise. I am sure she does that on purpose, which only adds to how wonderful she is. For a comedian who enjoys playing a lot different characters in a show myself, I really identified with her style and enjoyed it very much.

Someone I didn’t think I was going to enjoy but did was Eugene Mirman. I saw him in Brooklyn about 2 years ago and didn’t really like his stuff. He had a lot of notes and even went as far as to bring a laptop to show off some sort of power point presentation. Needless to say, I don’t remember it being too funny. But last night, I knew Mirman would be bringing his “A-Game”. Well, he is great. So smart and quick. He printed out the survey form from www.classmates.com and read his answers to each question to a great response. His attention to detail, it reminded me of George Carlin. Maybe, I was too drunk and uncomfortable to like him in NYC. But, now I am a fan.

I wasn’t that big on Brian Posehn. He has the highest creepiness/nerd/”rapey face” rating of all of them. It was just too awkward for my tastes.

Even still, I was incredibly happy with the whole show. I have liked Patton for a while now and it was great to see him live. I was so won over by the other comics of the night that I can’t wait to start exploring more of their material. For anyone who missed the show do yourself a favor, check these guys out please. Buy tickets when they come back into town. Buy their CD’s. Buy Ratatouille on DVD and Blue-Ray disc. Buy everything. They all deserve it. Read more!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hey DC! Get some spotlights!

Something I have noticed as some of the stand up shows I've been frequenting is that there aren't proper lights focused on the stage. With no lights, the sometimes impossible task of getting an audience's attention becomes that much harder. The answer? Buy a spotlight! Cheap, easy to install and will do wonders for turning that crowded bar full of people who couldn't care less, into a bar full of people who COULD care less. Here are some helpful links to where you can get started.

$11.99 at Guitar Center

$19.99 at Bulb America

$23.99 at Sam Ash Read more!

SC on DC is the reason we exist

I know there is a good chance you've already seen this since it's from a while ago. But we weren't a blog then so I'm posting it now. Since this blog is about two things(The district of Columbia and comedy occurring in, at , and around it) that this video couldn't be more about, there is no way that this couldn't not be not on our blog. Or something.

Read more!

Fancy Costume Idears: Part II

Are you ladies tired of going as the same hot "_____" year after year? Sure, us guys love to see your fun cans bursting through that low cut dentist's smoak, but don't you feel like you are being objectified each Shalloween?

Well fear no more ladies because Vice Magazine has some costume suggestions in their article entitled Bloody, Hairy and Hot. My (and soon to be your) favorite costume has got to be the "Given birth to myself."

"It took about 20 hours to make this, but that’s mostly because it’s all handmade and I don’t really know how to sew. I used metal window screen to shape the stomach, boobs, and head and flesh-colored spandex for the rest of the body. The vagina is just folded-up fabric and glued-on hair. It’s funny how easy it is to make a vagina."

What a wonderful way to empower youself ladies, by showing the true beauty of child birth and womanhood!

(Um..I just threw up a little in my mouth).

On second thought, pull out that Sexy She-Devil costume again. Read more!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

That says it all right there, doesn't it?

Read more!

Fancy Dress Idears

oh it's almost that time.

where we hide beneath crazy facades and pretend we're ok about ourselves and eat candy and demand results in the form of attention!

i'm not talking about lee hotti and friends.

i'm talking shalloween!

what are you guys going to be?

due to a traumatic experience last year that upset my work-life balance, i'm not even sure i'm going to dress up. however, i might dress down and wear burlap scrubs (doctor-peasant hybrid, eco-friendly).

but here are a few ideas for you good people, courtesy of the vorld vide vortex.

1) Goth Lolita

(also a lifestyle, FYI...why celebrate one day a year when you can celebrate a lifetime?)

2) Piece of Pizza

(i like the hat...nice touch, adds class. btw, someone will need to wheel you around as this is a legless costume.)

3) Mental Complex

(this is something you wear organically on your face and in your physicality rather than something you can 'make' or 'buy.' a real party-pleaser!)

happy haunting and flaunting!

and remember, the only thing spookier than a scary costume is the moment you realize you'll be alone forever.

note to sticklers: dr. dremo's has no open mic on wed. oct 31. but rendezvous does, i believe. Read more!

Last night @ Rendezvous

Last night I went against my better judgment to stay out of the rain and watch Game 1 of the World Series and instead walked up 18th Street to Rendezvous CafĂ©. John McBride hosts an open mic there Wednesday Nights. I hadn’t been in front of a microphone in a while and it was really starting to bug me. So, I threw on a jacket and walked up with Jay.

Apparently, a lot of other DC comics didn’t care about Game 1 either because they were out in mass. It was tough hollering at people to want to stay out in a rain soaked night, so soon it became apparent that it would be an comic only audience. A “workshop” if you will. Well, I didn’t care who was in the audience. In fact, I was kind of glad that comics I like would be hearing me. What a better crowd to give you encouragement right? Jay, Kojo and Nick bugged out(for shame!) but some other comics stayed behind including Bryson Turner, Seaton Smith, Mike Way and Jermaine Fowler. Funny f*ckers.

For those who haven’t been to Rendezvous the open mic is upstairs. It is a small red room with a bar. Intimate. Moody.

I was pretty happy with my set. I did some adlibbing at the top that I liked. I think I am finally past the first big hurdle of stand up; just feeling comfortable being up there. But, I still have no idea what to do with my jokes. I don’t know when the laughs are coming or what to do once I get them. But, I guess that is just the way it is. Every comic when they are trying out new stuff just has to be willing to see where things work and don’t work. I brought a tape recorder and I am looking forward to seeing if there is anything I can punch up and tighten or if all the laughs I heard were in my head.

Advice: Don’t put your tape recorder by an open window. VROOOM!!!

So, it was a fun night and it got me back up which I need. I am trying hard to push myself to get as much stage experience as I can right now, even though most nights it is tough to do. There were several other comics out last night that I didn’t get a chance to meet but it was good to see everyone supporting each other. The comic to real audience ratio was like 10:1, so that tells me that comics are hungry for more open mics NOW!

Anyone have any advice on where and how to open a room like that in the city? Read more!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Bomb Shelter: Thursday October 25th @ 18th & Red

The Bomb Shelter is BACK! We took last week off due to paid work, but now we're back because no one is paying us. This weeks show looks to be pretty good. The line-up is:

*Jay Hastings
*John McBride
*Mike Way
*Hampton Yount
*Jermaine Fowler

As always 18th & Red has great drink specials for our comedy audience. Come out and help support live local comedy.


Thanks and hope to see you there. Read more!

Q&A with Auburn Running Back Kenny Irons

I was pointed to this interview with Auburn Running Back, Kenny Irons and I love it. Especially, this answer:

Q: What is your best talent outside of football?
A: “Drawing. I like to draw, if you consider that a talent. I like to disguise myself as other people, too. I call that a talent. I like telling people that I am somebody else. I tell people that I play water polo and if they ask me what position I play I tell them right water. I don’t even know if that is a position but I tell them that I play right water.”

Click the link to read more about Kenny. Does anyone know if he is a good running back?

Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports! Read more!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Hey DC! You are smart, but ugly and unfriendly!"

Taken from our friends at Mission Critical.

A Travel & Leisure survey on America’s Favorite Cities reveals what people really think about the District of Columbia and other major US cities.

People Category & Rank (out of 25)

Athletic/active 17th
Attractive 24th
Diverse 4th
Friendly 23rd
Fun 25th

Intelligent 4th
People (Overall) 16th
Stylish 18th
Worldly 1st

Wow, is this any surprise? I have to think that the majority of people in this country don't think that working for the federal government, being a legislative assistant on the hill, a non-profit social worker or a lobbying suit on K Street are "fun" professions to be in. I know there is more to DC than just that, but do people who have never lived here think any different?

So, what does that mean for comedians in this city? If you are one who is serious about your craft and does everything you can to succeed in it, then you know what that means.

Culture Category & Rank (out of 25)

Architecture/notable buildings 1st
Classical music 6th
Culture (Overall) 2nd
Historical sites/monuments 1st
Museums/galleries 1st
Theater 6th
Underground arts scene 14th

Alright, this is interesting. Obviously DC is known for its monuments and important landmarks. These rankings relect the obvious appreciation for american history in this country. A visitor wants to see the Smithsonian Museums, Capital Building, White House, National Archives, etc. Heck, even our growing theater scene is mostly Shakespeare! There is definitely a yearning for the past in this city.

But, when it comes to comedy there is no going back. There is love and appreciation for comedians who have paved the way for us, but that cannot be experience like a 200 year old building or document can. I will never see Richard Pryor or Mitch Hedberg perform ever again. Therefore, comedy has to always be changing. Always pushing a new idea. A new perspective. That is comedy at the roots. So, in a city that is known for its historical influence, can it also be expected to be the place where new creative thoughts are develop?

Really, isn't that the ol' complaint people have against politicians? "Different person, same shit."

Click the link above to see what else people have to say about DC. HINT: We aren't as ugly as Philadelphians! Read more!

GW ReceSs Halloween Newbie Extravaganza! Saturday Night

Remember when DCC4N was "Making Friends". Well, we just don't make friends with someone then never buy them a beer, help them move a couch or stop them when they are too drunk to drive. That is real friendship and GW's ReceSs are friends that we would take car keys from.

The hottest comedy group on GW's campus is having a show this Saturday October 29, in the Continental Ballroom inside the Marvin Center on 21 and H. The show runs from 11:59pm - 1:15am and will be the first for their newest members. That means it will include the never-before-seen-by-the-rest-of-the-group "Newbie Sketch." It will be a night of improv, sketch, and video comedy followed by "binge drinking and regrets".
Regrets that WON'T involve the drunk driving variety, but more of the having sex with ugly people variety. Which is even more dangerous!!

If you are on campus this weekend please check them out on Saturday night. And bring condoms. Read more!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Youtube Mondays: "When You Gotta Go!" edition

Someone needs to get to the bottom of this case! HAHAHA! Oh my god, am I funny!

Oh, he is like the Little Mexican Chris Farley!

Fat Kid Dances La Fiesta - Watch more free videos

Lastest Improv Everywhere Prank!
Read more!

Bill Burr, I apologize....

....I did not stay to see your set. Why? Because your feature act, Mike Metz, was horribly deplorable.

After all I have heard about Bill Burr and watching his now notorious rant against the Philly Crowd on the Traveling Virus Tour, I was waiting for some no-holds barred style of comedy. What I had to do instead was wade through a bunch of shit jokes ripped straight from 1986. Seriously, this was one I remember.

"I am sitting on the couch this weekend, watching the Skins game. My woman comes over to me, sits down, takes the beer out of my hand, mutes the TV then turns to me and asks 'Honey, what scares you the most?'. I replied 'More than missing the rest of the football game?'


This is after about 10 minutes on DC monuments and how the Washington Monument should have a robot GW come out the top and throw candy at tourists.

Why have a guy like this as a feature act(Bryson Turner was hosting and doing a damn fine job of it) when all he will do is completely kill the momentum that Bryson has set up for you and the headliner's acts? He must be a local comedian who was owed some sort of favor by either Bill Burr or the DC Improv. I just can't believe he would have gotten on there with the set I saw.

I mean try to google the guy. You can't, there is nothing on him.

So, my apoligies to Bill Burr. I would of liked to see your act but Mike Metz bored me to tears. Bryson Turner should of done an hour. Read more!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

One Small Step for Me, One Giant Step for DC Comedy

hello everyone,

i'm here to blog for the first time. let's all hope it goes smoothly.

let's say hypothetically you're a comedian and your last name is difficult (not Mensa-difficult but it sounds foreign so you still have a case, judge judy!) anyway, you decide to go by one name instead.




(hypothetically speaking of course)


here. look closer.

yes. i'm apparently the only theoretical act of the night. as in, i may or may not "exist."



stick with two names. even if one is something embarrassing like bubbles. Read more!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Mark your calendars: December 5th @ Dr. Dremos

I know that it is very, very early to announce this show, but I want to make sure that this show is standing room only, and pack to the seams. On December 5th Rory Scovel, Jon Mumma , Kojo Mante, and Jay Hastings will take over Dr. Dremos in Arlington, VA for a DVD taping. This will be one of the finest shows Dr. Dremos has ever seen. Since Dr Dremos isn't long for this world and will soon be condos I would like for everyone to come out and see what the potential of live, local stand-up comedy can be in the Washington, DC metro area. Curt Shakelford has been gracious enough to turn over his weekly open mic night to the four of us so that we can capture a great night of comedy on film.

To recap:
WHO:Rory Scovel, Jon Mumma, Kojo Mante, & Jay Hastings
WHAT:An amazing comedy show
WHEN:Wednesday, December 5th 2007
WHERE:Dr Dremos, Arlington, VA Read more!

WIT's Fall Run of Shows: Last Weekend

Dear Mr/Mrs Procastinator (or current resident),

This letter is your last notification that Washington Improv Theater's "Up and Autumn" run of shows will be coming to an end this Saturday night, October 20th.

This is your last chance to catch the incredible and completely made up hilarity from such groups as:

iMusical 8pm Friday Night $15
Caveat w/ Season Six 9:30pm Friday Night $12

Jackie / Superbest 8:00pm Saturday Night $12
161 w/ Interns 9:30pm Saturday Night $12

Your account shows that you have not spent enough money this month on laughs. Which, according to the agreement you signed with your heart, makes you close to falling short of your monthly quota.

Please make sure to catch Washington Improv Theater this weekend or we will be force to pass along your account to a less funny collection agency.

DCC4N Customer Service Read more!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stretching Comedy: Docs Using Improv

There is always some new way professionals try to incorporate comedy into their work. WIT has a corporate program just for that reason, plus if you have ever been in an office where they have a "team building" session you have realized that some exercises are just glorified "Zip Zap Zop" and don't teach you shit about working better with your colleagues.

Today I found an interesting article from KVOA News 4 where a pharmacist at Arizona University is using improv techniques to help better communication between health care professionals and their patients.

"In this skit, Boesen is a pharmacist and he's talking to a hospital patient. But mostly he and other members of his health care team are busy talking about their kids' sports lives......As a result, the patient gets the wrong medicine."

First of all, that sounds like a really fun improv scene to me. And if Boesen was really listening to what was happening in the scene and intentionally ignoring what the patient was saying, then the act of given the patient the wrong prescription was correct as it heightened the "distracted doctors" game. Right?

But, that is not what the purpose of the "skit" was. Nor does it sound like it was actually improvised. The purpose I assume, was to help doctors learn techniques on listening. I think improv can definitely help people do that. But, this article makes it seem like they are just acting out stupid comedy "skits" that very bluntly hammer across what the problems are. Not what the solution might be.

Also, for anyone who has tried to learn improv you realize that even the typical 8 week course isn't nearly enough to teach you all the nuances of improv. So, these doctors who have spent, i dunno 5 years in med school and have been trained a certain way of thinking are not going to quickly reverse that in a week long silly "pass emotion around a circle" improv workshop.

I definitely applaude people trying different tactics and improv definitely teaches people to get out of their heads and listen, but this doesn't sound like a viable option to me in this case. Doctors aren't taught to "think on their feet". They are trained to look at research, calculate risks and decide what the best option is for their patients. The problem is obviously the overall attitude of health care in this country, where medicine is pushed on patients, but I am not smart enough to argue that point. Read more!

The Comedians of Comedy: Live @ The Black Cat October 29th

If you've never blessed your funnybones to the humor that is Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Marie Bamford, and Eugene Mirman then please go check out the Comedians of Comedy. Also, John Mulaney and Jasper Redd will be opening up the show. John Mulaney is a NYC comic who is a very funny chap, and Jasper Redd is an up and coming lad from San Francisco. I'm certainly going to be there, and I hope that anyone that reads this fair blog well be in attendance as well.

Jason Saenz is spying on me.... Read more!

Comedy Showcase @ Georgetown U's Bulldog Alley

Hey Georgetown University,

Put down the beer bong, get your finger out of that sorority girl and come check out our boys Jay Hastings, Kojo Mante and John McBride perform tonight at 9pm at the Bulldog Alley in the Leavey Center.

All of these comics went to college, but one didn't graduate. If you can guess which one it is then you get free hash cookies after the show.

God, it has been a while since I was in school. Do college kids even finger bang anymore?

update: Apparently, Georgetown doesn't have sororities. Read more!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Apartment

In no way a DCC4N exclusive, since Rory probably sent this clip to the known universe. But still, definitely something worth posting.

Ex DC local, Rory Scovel, is currently on tour spreading his comedy love like a thick maple syrup all over Canada. He also is making several webisodes with fellow comic Casey Corbin, entitled "The Apartment."

Guess what? It's funny.

Check it out.
Read more!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hi, I'm back from Israel!

This is Israel. Well, it's not all of Israel, but it's a city in Israel. It's actually Jerusalem. I went there, and it's a lot like Mrytle Beach; except replace putt-putt and fried seafood with Jesus and religious gift stores. Other than that they're the same.

This is the Western Wall, or the more common "Wailing Wall". It's the most holy thing in the Jewish faith according to my tour guide. People go ape shit here. There was a couple of Hasidic Jews banging their heads on the wall and really praying up a storm. Here is something I found interesting: You know how Muslims and Jews haven't historically gotten along, well I won't go into the historic details, but let's just say that they've got religious beef. Anywho, the 3rd most important spot in Islam sit directly above the Wailing Wall. So guess what happens from time to time when you put a bunch of religious, nuts (on both sides) next to each other? Yep, some shit pops off. So, why in Allah's name do they have to remain next to each other? It should be like grade schoole and the teacher moves the kids to opposite sides of the classroom. Who wants to pray in South East Asia!!!?

The Dead Sea is amazing. You float so easy because of all the salt. I felt like I was Peter Pan and flying on water. It's a really good time. However, there is a hitch in the fun. If you have ANY cut on your body it is really painful. And I mean ANY. Like let's say you had an upset stomach and had to take a healthy poo poo before you went swiming in the Dead Sea. And this particular poo required extra paper work and it gave you a case of the Red Ass. If this happened to you then your asshole would feel like it was dipped in a burning, openly infected herpies sore. Yes, that's what happened to me. However, it was instantly healed 12 hrs later.

I enjoyed Israel. Read more!

Best Credit Sequence Ever

What if the kids turned around after saying goodbye to see Sam acting like a loon? I would be like "Wait, Sam is out of his mind. Fuck wearing a helmet!" Read more!

Riot Act Comedy Club: Renovation Update

I received this today from the Riot Act Comedy Club:

"We do not have a time frame yet. It is up to the landlord to make
these changes and we are hoping it is sooner than later . We plan to
continue with Riot Act Comedy Club."

Well, not much in regards to what the future holds for that club. Only time will tell I suppose. It sucks that when one club closes, even for repairs, it severly hurts the availble spots for local comics to perform at. YEAH DC! Read more!

DC Comedy Showcase: Tonight @ The DC Improv

Tonight is the DC Comedy Showcase hosted by Justin Schlegel at the DC Improv. Featuring:

Nick Turner, Watt Smith, Hampton Yont, Tyler Sonnichsen, Bart Voisin, and Matt Mayer.

What is cool about this showcase is that the comics are competing for a guest spot on a featured night at the Improv. Plus, all the winners from each month will then compete for the Grand Prize which is a trip to L.A. to perform at the Hollywood Improv. Pretty cool opprotunity for these local favorites.

And I wouldn't being doing my job here @ DCC4N if I didn't tell you to go to the show and cheer/holler at/whoop-whoop/dog pound for our boy, Nick Turner.

Get out tonight people!
$12 at the door Read more!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bill Burr blows up the Improv THIS WEEKEND!

The first time I saw Bill Burr perform at the famed "Eating It" series in New York about five years ago, I had no idea a comedian was allowed to slay an audience that badly. Well he was and he still is so I highly recommend checking him out this weekend when he comes to the DC Improv. Last week also saw the rerelease of his 2003 standup album, "Emotionally Unavailable: Expanded Edition."
To celebrate all these goings on I found a great interview by Mo Diggs over at his blog.
In addition, one of DCC4N's favorite comedians, Bryson Turner, will be opening for Bill all weekend. Read more!


Read more!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Washington Improv Theater Shows this weekend!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Get on UP!

Washington Improv Theater's Fall Run of Shows rolls on this weekend!

Saturday nights, catch me with Jackie w/ Superbest at 8:00 pm.

"The fun happening on stage is contagious... move quickly to catch the hilarity" -NBC4

Also, tonight check out iMusical. I saw the show last weekend (sold out show) and it is ALWAYS an incredible experience. Please check them out.

See you there!!!!

Click here for more information on all the shows!
WIT's complete schedule of shows
Read more!

Todd Glass @ DC Improv this weekend

Tonight Todd Glass performs at the DC Improv (along with local favorite Jon Mumma). Todd Glass is one of my favorite comedians. I think i like him so much because he is not afraid to be whacky and go off while he is onstage. In fact, every time I have seen him he begins his set with at least 10 minutes of improv.

That is something I enjoy seeing in comics. The ability to just go onstage and riff and feel comfortable doing it. I could watch Todd onstage for hours, he is so much fun. Rory Scovel reminds me alot of Todd Glass. I was in Season Six (WIT) with Rory a while back and performing with him was always a blast. Now, when I see Rory do his set I can see that relaxed natural that improv taught him transend through him. Todd is the same way. You feel instantly connected to him.

Check him out, along with our boy Jon Mumma, tonight through Sunday at the DC Improv. You will not be disappointed. Read more!

Never Leave a Sock Behind!

Last night was a much need laundry night for yours truly,i had gotten down to my last pair of clean underwear. So i headed over to my local Laundromat on Ontario Road and began the wonderful process of shoving 1,000 quarters into the machine. Sitting watching my clothes tumble over and over is not my idea of fun, so thankfully i had dragged Nick out with me to grab dinner while my clothes where in the dryer. Now, the laundromat's hours are 7:30am to 7:00pm but you would think that would mean that the last load would be at 7pm, like other laundromats do. But, nope! After Nick and I return with our bellys full of hot and sour soup, we arrived to find that they have locked up the laundromat exactly at 7pm, like they had some hot date to get to or something. My clothes still inside.

"Oh, you got to be kidding me!" I yelled. I immediately began to worry. That was a very important load of laundry trap behind those rusted iron bars and I was afraid I might never see them again. What a horribly embarrassing situation that would be. How to you shop again for ALL of your underwear? Walking up to the counter with 10 pairs of boxers just tells the clerk your life is in disarray. What do i say? That someone broke into my apartment and just robbed my dresser? How do you recover from that? Plus, i felt bad for my clothes. They were probably all very scared alone in the dryer, wondering if their owner had abandoned them and if they will ever have the pleasure of covering my ass and genitals again.

Thankfully, I ran over there this morning @ 7:30am to find them still in the dryer. Wrinkled but at least clean, dry and back in my loving arms again. Never again, my boxers. Never again I promise. Read more!

Riot Act Comedy Club: Closed for Renovations

Apparently the Riot Act Comedy club on 14th Street has closed due to renovations. This is the first this blog has heard about it, obviously since yesterday we promoted a show there for last night that never happened.

That comes as another blow to the the DC Comedy Community as the Riot Act was a consistant club for local comics to perform at. Not looking good.

I have written a email to Riot Act inquirying when they might re-open. Stay tuned to DCC4N for information. Read more!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Standing Out" Showcase tonight @ Riot Act

Our boy Kojo Mante is joined by Jason Weems, John McBride, and Jermaine Fowler in ...
"Standing Out"

(From Riot Act webpage) Riot Act Comedy Club is delighted to present "Standing Out". A comedy show featuring four of D.C.'s rising comedians; Kojo Mante, Jermaine Fowler, Jason Weems, and John McBride. Don't miss the comedy event that will have you laughing days after it's over.

Jermaine Fowler began pursuing his stand-up comedy career at age 18. He has appeared in shows with Todd Rexx, Mike Brooks, Andy Hendrickson, Rob Cantrell, and Joe Recca. Now only 19, he has been featured on XM Radio "Too Much Information", Local Point TV, and DCTV.

Hosted by the hilarious John McBride!

Tickets for Standing Out are $12

"Standing Out is amazing, especially Jermaine" - Jermaine Fowler's Mom Read more!

18th and Red Showcase tonight!

The Bomb Shelter at 18th & Red is the home of the best local DC comics. SUPPORT LOCAL COMEDY. That is all.

oh, also great drink specials with:
$2 Redhooks
$3 Drafts
$4 Rail

Thursday Nights at 9pm

18th and Red
2436 18th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009
Read more!

"Someone is gonna get pregnant!"

I love Tracy Morgan on 30 Rock. Why? Because it always seems that the character he plays on that show is not far away from reality. This clip proves that. The guy has got to be wasted/half insane and I love every minute of it. I am now a huge Tracy Morgan fan. God, i hope my career gets to the point where I can go on talk shows, take of my shirt and proclaim that i will in pregnant someone during my time in town.

God, are you listening? Read more!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the lines have been drawn


Ever since we began this blog we have waited for the chance to burn another blog to the ground and raise our DC Comedy 4 Now flag over their cyber-cinders. Just like at the War of 1812, no one knows who took the first shot. She may have. I was drunk alot this past weekend I could of said something offense...em...doesn't matter now because virtual-cyber-internet-blog-war has been declare!

The enemy. Know her well. Natasha Rothwell. Owner, blogista and properitor of gigglethrottle. Take a moment to sneak in behind enemy lines. Make sure to bring your biohazard suit with you. She is known to spread mustard (not the gas) all over the place. And if the blog about Tom Selleck's mustache doesn't make you wish you were back in the loving arms of your sweet dame, then her love for all things "Into the Wild" will.

I know all you good people of the DCC4N Nation are at this very moment running around your homes grabbing any scrap iron, rubber and war bonds you may have lying around to help the cause. But, there is something much more important you can do to contribute.

Visit our sites often.

Read more!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Stand up comedy on "This American Life"

Two comedian-friends from New York (Sean O'Conner and Nick Maritato) are featured as the first story on "This American Life" this week. Their tale is a tragic one of having to perform for a bunch of 11 year olds on a tour of sleepaway camps over the summer. It's hard to imagine a tougher crowd to play to. Check out their story to feel better about your own. You can listen to the episode here.

Check them out on tour this month as they are traversing up and down the east coast with Headliner Jonah Ray and are also joined by their co-host of "Here's the Thing," Andrew Wright. Read more!

Monday, October 8, 2007

AT THIS VERY MOMENT, AS I WRITE THIS, NICK TURNER & JASON SAENZ ARE HOLDING PISTOLS TO MY HEAD. So DC, whats going on? Been a while, but everythings been good on my end. Now the reason that I don't blog more on this site. Jay Hastings' internet writings scare me.

blogging over.

kojo Read more!

DC Comedy takes the day off to celebrate our FAVORITE Holiday!

Learn about some fun (and funny!) ways to make your Columbus day a memorable one. "MMMM! This pox blanket is warm!" Spend your day in D,C! (Denver, Colorado) Read more!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Wonder Years w/o voice over = Creepy!

I found this video over at The Apiary (the awesome New York comedy blog). How did we not notice this before?!

Jon Friedman is a fantastic NY comedian as well as producer of stellar comedy shows such as "The Rejection Show" and "The Other Talent Show." Read more!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Bomb Shelter EXPLODES tonight!

Another Thursday, another BOMB SHELTER show at 18th and Red.
Tonight's line-up:

Herbie Gill

Sean Gabbert

Seaton Smith

Niem Lyon

Mike Way

Larry Poon

The Bomb Shelter at 18th & Red is the home of the best local DC comics. SUPPORT LOCAL COMEDY. That is all.

oh, also great drink specials with:
$2 Redhooks
$3 Drafts
$4 Rail

Thursday Nights at 9pm

18th and Red
2436 18th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009
Read more!

American University Radio's "State of DC Comedy"

This is what DCC4N is all about. Recently, WAMU radio did a piece on the state of stand-up comedy in Washington D.C. Their conclusion? Well, if you are a regular to this site you already know DC Comedy is strugglin', but otherwise it was pretty insightful for those not familiar with the scene already.

Plus, they interviewed our boys John McBride and Jay Hastings, where they talk about what it is like to be a comic in the city and highlighted some local shows like The Bomb Shelter.

Allyson Jaffe also speaks about the DC Improv and what big headliners come through the club..........but, like the reporter said in the piece there is not alot of headlining time given to local comics. Hopefully, after shows like the Comcast Showcase more local comedians will be given the opportunity to run their own shows.

Also, the "Professor of Comedy", gives his take on what the "essence of stand-up is all about."

Even so, this is good stuff. Give it a listen.

Bonus: Jay tells about his sordid beginnings in comedy. Hint: He drank alot.

WAMU 88.5 Segment on the State of DC Comedy

alt. link. The piece starts halfway through the podcast.click here Read more!

Nick Turner: Joke Killer

Read more!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Google Ranking for this blog: 192!

Whenever I have new blog, I am always very concerned as to where it ends up in the Google rankings. When typing "DC Comedy" into the Google search engine, this blog is currently the 192rd entry. We can do better than this DC! I know we are new but we are also the most impatient of all blogs about DC comedy.
However, with any amount of success there inevitably will be people left in your wake. Who now has to go through life in the embarrassing #193 position? Well that would be everybody's favorite comedic juggler, Rich Potter. So to help make his day a little less sad, we are going to tell the whole world what's up with Rich these days.

Rich has more than a few headshots on his website but I chose this one as my favorite because it's the only one where he's not holding any juggling equipment. Rich is given the daunting task of trying his best to portray the fact that he is a comedic juggler with only a smirk and a slight shoulder raise and I must say the man pulls it off expertly.

This ain't no average juggler here folks. Apparently Rich was once on Letterman! I know this because on his website he boasts a quote from Paul Shaffer detailing the brilliance of his performance. "Definitely," says Paul. I'm not sure if there was more to that quote or if it was just Paul's response when Rich asked if he could get him a cup of coffee but a quote like that doesn't lie folks. Definitely. Read more!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

F*ck you Baltimore!!

At least you know what you are getting with this dealership. Read more!

"Beaners can swim, Asians are smart, & Blacks got big dicks." BRAVO CARLOS!!! Give us another one...

The only way I could have been more disappointed in last nights Carlos Mencia show at the DC Improv, was that if I had actually had to pay $35 for the ticket. It was a great night for stereotypes last night. Last night I found out that Asians are smart, Pacific Islanders are "AsianNiggas ", Mexicans wont shoot you, but they will stab you, White people are uptight and out of people to fuck with, and so much more. Thank you Carlos for educating the ignorant masses about ignorance. Where would simple minds be without you reinforcing their already stupid logic. I don't know why anyone would buy a ticket to see CarlosMencia perform, because Fox News is just as racist and positively reinforces stereotypes just as much.

And let me explain myself. I don't give a shit if he says "nigga", "beaner", "faggot", or "chink". It doesn't bother me, because the context of those words are what's really important. And while he's not up on stage spewing hatred and forming a lynch mob, he is just constantly saying the most obvious, stereotypical racial jokes. I'm constantly amazed that people can sit and be entertained by someone saying, "You know that VA Tech school shooter wasn't a Mexican because it takes good grades to get into that school. I knew he was Asian." (Laughtererupts & my heart breaks). And I was shocked to see so much white trash at the show last night. There was a lot of Waldorf, MD and Bull Run, VA in the show. And you could just see the smirk on their face as they walked to the bathroom thinking, "It's funny cause it's true. You know them Mexicans ain't smart enough to get into VA Tech." So, even if Carlos does have a fucking "point" behind his comedy it's tragically missed by the overwhelming amount of fucking morons who enjoy his comedy. It's a Dane CookVicious Circle Cycle. Actually, it does bother me that he gets to drop the N Bomb. I just don't get that at all; I'm not jealous that he actually gets to say it, it just blows my mind that he gets away with it because he's Sunset Tan tan.

"But, he's a great entertainer." Yeah, so is dog catching a frisbee in it's mouth, but it doesn't belong in a fucking comedy club. A comedy club to me is a place where you go to have your mind challenged, not played down to to it's lowest common factor.

The biggest shock of the night was when he compared himself to Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, & Dave Chappelle when speaking of racial humor. My jaw hit the floor. Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle are flawless diamonds of constructing racial humor, and Carlos's tries to pass his cubixzerconium, glass knock off brand style of comedy off as Great or Classic. Fuck That!

Also, he sells t-shirts after the show that say "Dee Dee Dee" and "The Punisher of Comedy". Ryan Conner made a good point by saying, "John Pinnett should be mad at that since he played the Punisher and he's a better comedian." Read more!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Comedy Shill: "Secrets" Thursday Oct. 4th

Hey ya'll,

DC4N is all about helping each other find unique comedy in Washington D.C. And no one is quite as unique as my friend, Justin Purvis. They guy is a improv dynamo, doing time with such troupes as 161, Caveat, and Season Six. Plus, the handful of other shows he puts together to dazzle your mind. This week he has a one person show that he (and I) think you should go to.

Hey friends,

As some of you know, this week I will be premiering my One-Man Show, Secrets, at Washington Improv Theater, as part of their Mad Science Thursdays. This is me asking you, no, pleading with you, to make a special trip out to Chinatown this Thursday night to see the show. It is ONE NIGHT ONLY, this Thursday, October 4 th, 8pm at Flashpoint Theater, 916 G St NW, Washington DC 20001. Tickets are $10 and you get three shows for that price. Plus free candy and soda*

Thursday nights are notoriously light nights for us, simply because it is a week night, people have to work the next day. And also, part of the drawback is the fact that the shows are more on the experimental side, instead of the "tried and true" shows, like onesixtyone, Jackie, and Caveat. But for this one night, I ask you, please to forget the fact that you have to work on Friday, forget the fact that you have no idea what you are in for when you arrive (That is what improv is all about! We make this sh*t up as we go along), and remember that I probably owe you money, and wouldn't Thursday, 10/04/07 be a great night to come and collect from me.

So here's the proposal I have for you. Come see the show on Thursday, October 4th, at 8pm. Find me after the show to tell me how great/funny/awkward the show was, and if we sell out the show for Thursday night, I will issue each of you one favor, to be redeemed at any time by you. It could be good for a beer or a backrub, a hug or a horseback ride, you name it, it's yours.** Bring a friend or two as well, that makes it more fun!!! Also feel free to repost this or send it on to other friends of yours as well, because I don't know everybody yet.

Let's show WIT and DC how much we love when people go out on a limb and try something new, exciting, and downright freaking scary as hell to even think about doing. I mean COME ON!! A ONE MAN SHOW WHERE IT'S COMPLETELY MADE UP!?!?!?!! I MUST BE OUT OF MY MIND!!!!!!!!

*The candy and soda are free, but donations are always appreciated!
** Within reason.

Thursday, Oct. 4, 2007


Flashpoint Theater
916 G St NW
Washington, DC 20001

$10 for three shows.

Click here for more information Read more!

How did they NOT cast 'Cowboy Curtis'?

Go to Youtube and enjoy (cringe at) this movie teaser. It's unreal. Read more!

Comcast Showcase @ The DC Improv

This past weekend was the Comcast "Open Mic" Night at the Improv. The show was pretty much stacked with the best comics in DC. Besides myself and Kojo I'll try to remember all of the comics on the show. We had Ryan Conner, John McBride, Erin Jackson, Seaton Smith, Herbie Gill, Mike Aronin, Rob Maher, Roger Mursick, and Bryson Turner. Bryson Turner hosted the show, and I thought he did a kick ass job. Hopefully, the club took notice of how talented the younger comics are, and more work will come from their solid performances.

The format of the show was that all the comics got 5 mins to perform. The odd part was getting interviewed prior to the show. It seems like it's always the same cheesy questions: "How do you get your jokes", "Describe your comedy", "What can we expect from your jokes", and "What was your first joke"? What stupid questions, especially the "what can we expect from your comedy?"....how about fucking laughter?

Kojo Mante (the comic who never blogs on this site) had the best line of the night. He finsihed a joke that got a great laugh, and then witout missing a beat said, "That was Comcastic!". That in return got an even bigger laugh, to which Kojo said, "Yep, they aren't cutting that out."

I hope that the Improv continues to do these local showcase shows. It can only help the comics and the club. If the club helps foster new talent, help them establish a fan base, then in return the club gains audience members every time the perform. Plus, it was a really good show. Read more!

Bad YouTube Comedy Monday

This guy missed a great opportunity to be the most cutting-edge comic in Washington D.C. by telling these hackney'ed jokes. Instead, still dressed as Abe Lincoln, he should be telling the worst racists jokes of all time just one after another. Read more!

"More like Hurlfriend." HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I have never heard genuine laughing coming from the CEO's office. Ever. That made me think: does anyone really have a great fake laugh? I have a pretty bad fake laugh because it is so far away from my regular laugh. I don't know why that is. I mean, it is like a cross between The Jolly Green Giant & Roger Rabbit. People have got to know I am blowing smoke up their asses. But, I don't mean to! I am actually trying to give them support out there. I think that joke SHOULD of been funny and I sorry it was not. Therefore, I will half heartily make laughing like noises from my mouth. THAT IS SUPPORT!

Sometimes I think i am not going to fake laugh anymore, because it dilutes the overall product. But, then again i am scared I might go to a show, movie, or lunch with someone I am trying to impress and sit there silent like a pompous ass because I really don't think they are funny. I guess in this world of comedy you have to lie a little to everyone's face, even if they are your friends.

P.S. Please lie more so with me. I don't care if I get fake laughs, real laughs, or a laugh track. I am a laugh whore. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (wow, i can't even convincingly fake laugh at myself) Read more!